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~ F I B E R ~

Imagine eating 12 pounds of food daily and still lose weight -- and staying thin and healthy.

Well, that's exactly what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate for millennia!

An average bushman had a stool weight of 2 pounds and the "civilized" men had a stool weight of only 4 ounces - that's 87.5% smaller!

So dieters are raving about a super-filling fiber pill that turns off hunger while blocking calories and fat!

Whe we heard that researchers suddenly have a lkot fo interest in a special kind of fiber supplement, we sent our spies to find out more.

What did we learn?

Well, for starters a team of scientists from Chicago's Rush College of Nursing began reviewing existing studies to find the best natural aid for overweight patients; they pegged glucomannan - a form of soluble fiber extracted from an Asian root vegetable - as perhaps the most promising.

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How to eat 12 pounds of food daily and still lose weight...

Now they're getting ready to do a study of their own. Meanwhile, a Norwegian team got the jump. Their tests show that dieters taking glucomannan lost about two times more weight than those who didn't.

Success Story

Salena lost 6 lbs.
"The portions on diets never used to seem big enough for me", admits Salena. Then she tried a low-cal plan with glucomannan. "I had to remind myself ot eat -- and then I couldn't finish everything on my plate. It was amazing." Also amazing: She shed six pounds in seven days.

How it Works

Everyone agrees that more large scale resaerch is in order to determine how glucomannan works its magic. But, as things currently stand, most pros give credit to the following facts:
  • You want to eat fewer calories
    "Glucomannan absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water, so it really expands in your stomach, making you want less food, It also slows disgestion, which steadies blood sugar and helps reduce hunger even more." The effect is so dramatic it's a good choice for people who "feel hungry again less than an hour after eating and who struggle to stick with a low-cal diet."
  • It blocks the absorption of some calories
    Fiber can also interfere with absorption in the digestive system, so some calories actually pass through the GI tract unasorbed. This is part of the reason, suggest pros, that even "cheaters" can benefit from glucomannan supplements.
  • It blocks fat-storage hormones.
    University of Toronto researchers found that glucomannan reduced levels of the fat-storage hormone insulin after a meal by about 40%. Bonus: Lower insulin is linked to less body fat and fewer cravings!

The right dose!

Taking a gram of glucomannan with at least one glass of water about 20-60 minutes before each meal.

The Glucomannan Scoop

  1. Where to find it
    At health food stoes and reputable online retailers
  2. What to look for
    Check the package label and be sure that "glucomannan" is the first on the ingredients list.
  3. Brands to try
    Nature's Way, Solaray or Vitamin Shoppe brand glucomannan supplements.
  4. How much you'll pay
    About $ 9.00 - $14.00 for a 30 day supply.

Be Safe

Get a doctor's okay to try glucomannan--especially if you have gastrointestinal, blood-sugar or swallowing problems. The pills can cause choking if taken without water, so follow package insert carefully.

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